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Motorhome Solar System & Solar Panel Kits for Campervans

Portable Solar Solutions for On the Move Living

The products we sell are specifically tailored to the needs of being on the move both for a large motorhome or camper van. Their needs are different.

By replacing mains electricity with solar energy, they help us all reduce our carbon footprint and move to a more sustainable greener future.

The Benefits of Solar Power for RVs & Camper Vans

  • Eliminates or reduces the need to be grid-connected or use the alternator to charge batteries

  • Completely silent so never disturbs the neighbours

  • Surplus solar energy can be used to power things like a water heater for FREE

  • Our portable power station systems eliminate installation costs and work everywhere

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Motorhomes vs. Campervans

Motorhomes, with their larger size and higher power demands, require a robust motorhome solar system. Our guides delve into factors like roof space, energy consumption, and selecting the right solar panels, controllers, and batteries to ensure your off-grid adventures are worry-free.

Campervans prioritize space efficiency. Our solar panel kits for campervans focus on lightweight, easy-to-install solutions that maximize limited real estate. Learn how to harness the sun’s power without sacrificing precious storage space in your mobile home.


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Supercharge Your Off-Grid Journey with Our Resources

Ready to Experience the Power of Solar Freedom?


Explore our extensive library of resources and embark on a more sustainable, self-sufficient off-grid adventure. Contact Super Solar Systems today and let’s power your journey towards a greener future!

Discover our curated selection of solar panels,LifePo4 batteries, solar controllers, and accessories designed to meet the unique energy needs of your motorhome or camping car.



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