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Originally called “Balcony” systems, they are relatively new to the market. Introduced to appeal to town flat dwellers with sunny balconies, the products are perfectly adapted to a wide range of customer needs in and out of town. They are totally “Plug & Play” needing no installation skills at all. Just over 2m² of solar panels – 420w – will result in a dramatic reduction in energy bills. Using 800w micro-inverters to convert solar panel output to 220v mains electricity, they are plugged into a domestic system that will use that energy rather than that of the connected utility. There are also versions that store any surplus solar energy in a dedicated battery for use later when there is insufficient solar output.

More Details

The “balcony” system gets its name because you can hang the panels from your balcony or indeed anywhere else. Plug & Play is a much more appropriate name. The intention is usually a reduction in energy bills, not 100% grid autonomy. Solar panel capacity is mostly under 1Kw and uses a micro-inverter(s) to inject generated solar power directly into your domestic network. The Zendure SolarFlow range of balcony system products offers solar system solutions ranging from:

  • Zendure SolarFlow – a simple 1Kw kit that injects output directly into your domestic circuit for immediate consumption
  • Zendure SolarFlow Hub 2000 – a flexible system with a central controller to charge the connected battery(ies) that store surplus energy for later use.
  • Zendure SolarFlow AIO2400 – a single box that is system controller and battery in a single elegant unit
  • Zendure SolarFlow Hub1200 Balcony Power Plant – based on the Hub1200, it can store up to 7Kw of energy
  • Zendure SolarFlow Hub 2000 Balcony Power Plant – based on the Hub1200, it can also store up to 7Kw of energy

The systems with storage maxmise the return from your installation because the surplus is stored for your own consumption later rather than selling it for a derisory price to an energy company thus also avoiding any bureaucratic hassles.

“Balcony” System components are

  • Solar panel(s)
  • Storage battery
  • System Controller
  • Micro-inverter
Zendure SolarFlow
Zendure SolarFlow AIO2400

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The Cons

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