Solar Hybrid Inverters

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Before investing in any type of solar controller, it’s essential to explore the advantages of power stations. For many customers, they offer a superior solution compared to traditional controllers and batteries.

Are you in need of mains power?

Choosing between a simple or hybrid controller largely hinges on whether you require an inverter for mains power. Opting for a simple controller is more economical and straightforward if mains power isn’t a necessity. However, if you do require mains power, a hybrid inverter is likely the optimal choice.

For systems with 48V batteries, hybrid inverters can deliver outputs of 5kW or higher, meeting the needs of the majority of our customers comfortably.

However, with 12V batteries, hybrid inverter output is limited to 1500W. While this may suffice for sailing yachts and many narrowboats, it might not meet the requirements of our other customers. If you’re utilizing 12V batteries and need more than 1500W of mains power, opting for a simple controller alongside a sufficiently powerful inverter becomes necessary. (Refer below for more details).

PowMr 12v 1500w solar hybrid inverter

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