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The world’s first multi-sets coordination plug-in solar system
with bi-directional AC-coupled storage solution


Hyper uses solar energy and off-peak electricity to charge the batteries and reduce your energy bill.


“Hyper” systems are new to the market. Based around the Zendure AB2000 LifePo4 2Kw battery battery the Hyper controller sits on top of the system and connects the solar system to the battery(ies) and, via the built-in micro-inverter, to your domestic system using nothing more than a domestic plug. With roof-mounted solar panels they need fixing, but otherwise installation costs are zero and there are no wiring problems.

Hyper uses solar energy when available, draws on the batteries if needed, and only then buys energy from the grid. Critically the Hyper is programmable so that it charges the batteries at off-peak rates. This doubles your saving.

  • Solar Power is FREE

  • Batteries are charged from solar and OFF-PEAK

Each unit can have up to 8Kw of storage and a maximum of 3 units can be used to create a single inter-communicating network. For a modest €2800 (plus roof installation costs) you can have 1800w of solar capacity that almost always uses off-peak electricity for any necessary top-ups. With 3 inter-connected units you have 5400w and 6Kw of storage. Your energy bill savings will be very substantial.

System components are

  • 4 x Trina 450w rigid Solar panel(s)
  • Zendure Hyper Solar System Controller
  • Zendure AB2000 Storage battery

Why Buy from Us

  • Our Installation Experience
    We have installed balcony systems for our own use so know how they work

  • Market Leading Products
    Zendure and Hepway are the balcony system market leaders

  • Suits Many Customer Needs
    The solar panels can be either flexible or rigid. Deploy them where you want – your balcony, your terrace, the garden, almost anywhere

Our Promises to You

  • Next Day Dispatch
    We will do our utmost to dispatch your order the day following receipt of full payment

  • Delivery in 5 to 7 working days
    We use the Post Office for efficient service and parcel tracking

  • 30 days money back guarantee
    If the product is defective in any way, return it within 30 days for a full refund.

Zendure-Super Solar Hyper Domestic Solar Systems.

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