Super Solar Systems is owned by Christopher & Marie. It started life in 2018 as Green Yachting. We used to spend up to 6 months a year on board ARAMON, our Bavaria 39 sailing yacht. She has carried us far and wide, safely, for 8 seasons and counting. We are not fans of marinas, preferring anchorages wherever possible. That led us to develop and sell SOLAR GREEN – our electronic solar hot water device – that means that we could use surplus solar power to heat the water in our boiler. At anchor, we used to only have hot water if we used the engine – infuriating any others at the anchorage.

​Narrow-boat owners started to buy the product, making us realise that having constant hot water was not a problem limited to sailing boats, but was true for many other people as well, so we started to offer it more widely.

​Installing a complete 100% off-grid solar system on our 20 x 5m Loire River houseboat in 2022 then taught us that reliable advice is not generally available from suppliers, so we extended our activities to cover everything needed for successful solar installations in all the market sectors that we cover.

​We may not always be the cheapest, but we will always be competitive, and our FREE project appraisal and quote means that our customers are sure to buy what will work for them.