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Own consumption Solar Systems; Standalone Outdoor Solutions, & Balcony Systems

REDUCE or even ELIMINATE your electricity bill.

The products we sell are specifically tailored to the needs of those that want to save money by storing and consuming the solar energy that they produce.

By replacing mains electricity with solar energy, they help us all reduce our carbon footprint and move to a more sustainable greener future.

The Benefits of our Solar Systems

  • Four kinds of system:

    1. Central hybrid inverter based
    2. Powered by a power station
    3. “Balcony” systems
    4. Standalone Outdoor Solutions
  • Proven components designed for handyman installation.

  • Can be grid-connected for supply when needed
  • Can use a generator instead of mains for 100% off-grid autonomy
  • Surplus solar energy can be used to power things like a water heater for FREE

  • Completely silent so never disturbs the neighbours

off grid solar system installation
Zendure SolarFlow


SSS Hybrid Solar Controller-Inverters -dry market

Hybrid Inverter based

SSS Power Station - dry land market

Power Stations

On Grid Balcony Systems

Hepway Standalone Outdoor Solution

Standalone Outdoor Solutions

Ready to Lower your Electricity Bill even Achieve Energy Independence?

Explore our extensive library of resources, connect with our solar specialists, and embark on a journey towards a sustainable and cost-effective future. Super Solar Systems – your trusted partner in off grid solar system installation with battery storage!

Discover our curated selection of solar panels,LifePo4 batteries, solar controllers, and accessories designed to meet the unique energy needs of your own consumption solar energy powered home



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