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Conventional solar systems have three main system components:

  1. Solar Panels
    They are most likely to be rigid because they are the most cost effective. Most commonly roof-mounted they can also be installed at ground level wherever is convenient. A 450w rigid panel measures roughly 1.6 x 1m and weighs some 26Kgs. Orientation is a major factor in overall solar panel performance, the optimum being south facing at roughly 40° inclination. Manual and automatic orientation systems are readily available.
  2. Inverter
    Connected to your solar array, this device converts the relatively low solar panel output voltage to the 230v required by a domestic system. There are two different types:

    1. single central hybrid inverter is the most important single component of your system. Provided that shading to you solar panel array is not an issue, then this is always the best and most cost-effective technical solution. It manages everything automatically and is connected to and charges your batteries.
    2. multiple micro-inverters are to be chosen only if exposure of the solar array is affected by shading. They are connected to individual panels so shade only affects those directly concerned. They can be connected to batteries but the connection is much less simple than that for a central hybrid inverter.
  3. Battery
    When there is more solar energy than is being consumed, the excess is used to charge your batteries. Our inverters do not upload surplus to the grid.to avoid possible system validation rules that vary from country to country. We offer 3 kinds of battery – all of LifePo4 chemistry:

    1. Conventional in a maximum 48v capacity of 2400w
    2. “Pylontech” type rack units
    3. Mass storage units in 5, 10, and 15Kw configurations.

We are European distributors for the market leaders – Hepway. Their product is technically different to that of our other suppliers. Firstly the inverter ONLY works with their batteries and their batteries are designed for immediate stacked connection controlled by a master battery. This is less expensive and reduces installation cost.

Submitting the Project Appraisal Form will make it easier for us better to understand your needs and thus offer pertinent advice to ensure that what you buy is exactly right in your particular circumstances.

System Architecture

SSS Hybrid Solar Controller-Inverters -dry market

Two Ways to Buy

Individual Components

Solar Panels are available in three types:

  • Rigid
  • Flexible, or
  • Portable 

Rigid are the least expensive and perform better for a given surface area. They will be the default choice for a pitched roof solar system installation, and likely to be the right choice for use elsewhere.

They can be connected to a hybrid inverter or to multiple micro-inverters and then to 48/51.2v batteries.

Our FREE Electricity Consumption Forecaster will help you decide the right size for your array. Contact Us to get your copy.

For many own consumption solar power systems, a central Hybrid Controller/Inverters offer a much better solution than conventional solar controllers plus an inverter because they manage both solar and mains/generator input. We offer two carefully chosen products:

  • Growatt that is compatible with all of our mass storage batteries, and
  • Hepway that is purpose built to work with their stackable batteries supplied in multiples of 5Kw.

Micro-inverters were originally designed to inject low voltage solar power directly into a 230v domestic circuit. The products that we offer remain able to do that, but can now also be connected to batteries to store the daylight energy surplus. We do not offer systems that sell surplus energy to a utility believing that it is an unnecessary regulatory complication and that the price paid for the surplus is derisory and uncertain.

We only offer LifePo4 batteries. Our chosen suppliers of units under 3Kw are EcoWorthy and Basen Green. We use both ourselves. They are available in both 12 and 48v versions with storage capacities up to 2400w (50Ah at 48v). You should not connect more than 4 in parallel.

Most hybrid inverter based on land systems will be better suited by one or more mass storage battery. (See next section).

High Capacity Battery Energy Storage Solutions are available in 3 formats:

  1. “Pylontech” rack type systems in multiples of 5 Kw connected to any of our hybrid inverters
  2. Individual mass storage units in capacities of 5, 10, and 15Kw where up to 16 can be connected in parallel for total storage of up to 240Kw.
  3. Stacked systems that have a single control battery and up to 15 directly connected slaves. This is a Hepway product.

These solutions are relatively new to the market and now available at very competitive prices. 

We offer products from Hepway and our own Super Solar range. We have 2 x 15Kw Super Solar units as the main source of battery power on our houseboat.

Our solar hot water controllers are an established favourite on sailing yachts. Owners long ago discovered the comfort of having free hot water from surplus solar energy, and it is thanks to them that we realised that not having hot water was not only a problem/need on sailing yachts, but on all boats, and many other solar systems.

The Super Solar digital smart switch monitors the battery voltage level and solar output. It then switches on the connected device that can be either 12 or 230v. The most frequent use is to provide hot water, but an air conditioner and an EV charger are both possible uses as well. Both are heavy energy users that can easily flatten your batteries, but can use the plentiful daytime sunlight.

Standard Complete Kits

Our first own consumption kit is based around the Growatt 5Kw 48v hybrid controller. Extensive research has convinced us that is the optimum solution for our clients. Options allow the kit to be scaled up to meet more extensive needs. Please Contact Us  for a detailed personalised quote.

  • 4 x Trina 450w rigid solar panels
  • 1 x Growatt 5Kw hybrid 48v solar charge controller/inverter
  • 2 x EcoWorthy batteries  48v/50Ah
  • 1 x battery connector cables
  • 1 x battery inter-connector cables
  • 2 switch fuses – one between the panels and the controller, the other between the controller and domestic mains panel.
  • 1 x 10m cables to connect solar panels to controller
  • 2 x MC4 Y connectors for solar panel output to controller


  • Additional 450w Trina solar panels (in pairs with cables)
  • Additional EcoWorthy batteries (with connection cables)
  • Upgrade to 5 or 10Kw mass storage 48v batteries
  • Generator
  • 3S solar hot water system

Hepway is a recent addition to the range of products that we sell. They are a preferred supplier because they specialise in exactly the products needed for handyman installed own consumption solar systems. The solar panels connect to their 5Kw hybrid inverter that connects to their stackable battery system; One unit controls however many slaves you choose to connect – cable free; true plug & play!

Basic Kit

  • 4 x Trina 450w rigid solar panels
  • 1 x Hepway 5Kw hybrid controller/inverter
  • 1 x 5Kw master battery
  • 1 x 10m cables to connect solar panels to controller
  • 2 x MC4 Y connectors for solar panel output to controller
  • 2 switch fuses – one between panels & inverter, the other between inverter and main domestic fuse board
  • 1 x battery connector cables
  • 1 x battery inter-connector cables


  • Additional 450w Trina solar panels (in pairs with cables)
  • Additional Hepway 5kw extension battery.
  • Generator
  • 3S solar hot water system

Why Buy from Us

Our selection of the right products for own consumption houses, cabins, and tiny houses.

  • Installation Experience
    We have personal installation experience of almost all the products that we sell. Our advice is of real value.

  • Proven Products
    We know that the products we supply are compatible with each other and if there are configuration requirements we are there to help get them right.

  • DIY Specialists
    We focus entirely on systems able to be installed by even a modest handyman. Only the connection from inverter to mains panel is best done by a professional electrician.

Our Promises to You

Our selection of the right products for own consumption houses, cabins, and tiny houses.

  • Next Day Dispatch
    We will do our utmost to dispatch your order the day following receipt of full payment

  • Delivery in 5 to 7 working days
    We use the Post Office for an efficient cost-effective service with parcel tracking

  • 30 days money back guarantee
    If any product is in any way defective, return it within 30 days for a full, immediate refund.

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