Welcome to Super Solar Systems

The successor to Green Yachting.

We have extended our marketing activities so that as well as sailing yacht water heater systems, we now offer:

  • Solar Panels
  • LifePo4 batteries
  • Hybrid Controller/Inverters
  • Power Stations
  • Water Heaters

Expanding our range was a consequence of installing lithium batteries and a hybrid inverter on our own yacht. All of a sudden we had valuable new real-life experience.

Other customers started to buy the solar water heater system as well, we built a 100% off-grid houseboat, and we then understood that our product range was suited to many more markets than we had realised.

  • Narrowboats
  • Widebeams
  • River Cruisers
  • Houseboats
  • Camping Cars & Vans
  • Off-grid Sites, and Tiny Houses