Solar Power for Boats & Everything that Floats

Enjoy Clean, Reliable Energy for Your Boat

The products we sell are specifically tailored to the needs of all kinds of boats.
By replacing mains electricity with solar energy, they help us all reduce our carbon footprint and move to a more sustainable greener future.

The Benefits of Solar Power for Boats

  • Eliminates or reduces the need to be grid-connected or use the alternator to charge batteries

  • Completely silent so never disturbs the neighbours

  • Surplus solar energy can be used to power things like a water heater for FREE

Solar power for boats & afloat


Sailing Yachts - Solar Solutions

Sailing Yachts

Narrow-boats- Solar Solutions


Afloat River Cruisers Markets

River Cruisers

Houseboats- Solar Solutions


Widebeams- Solar Solutions


Ready to unlock the power of solar energy?


Ready to harness the power of the sun and experience a more sustainable future on the water? Super Solar Systems empowers boat owners to achieve off-grid independence with expert advice and customized solar solutions.

Discover our curated selection of solar panels,LifePo4 batteries, solar controllers, and accessories designed to meet the solar power needs of your boat.

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