Standalone Solar Solutions; Balcony Systems; Portable Power Stations; Battery Storage.

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This Chinese company specializes in manufacturing an innovative range of solar energy solutions particularly suited to the DIY market. 

The product lineup comprises:

NEW! This unique product is based on a 450w rigid solar panel on an adjustable steel frame allowing for optimum solar exposure. The innovation is that built in to the back of the panel is

  • MPPT controller
  • 1Kw LifePo4 battery
  • 600w micro-inverter

Up to 8 units can be connected in parallel to provide a solar energy solution that will certainly greatly reduce your electricity bill and may even make you 100% energy independent!

So-called because you can hang the solar panels from the balcony of a sunny town flat, the wider truth is that this solution can be based on rigid or flexible solar panels placed wherever suits you. They are connected to a standalone controller unit that supplies the power to the micro-inverter(s) that provide power directly to your existing domestic circuit.

Designed to be connected to the HEPWAY stackable mass storage system, this 5Kw hybrid inverter automatically manages your entire solar system.

The HEPWAY system uses a 5Kw master battery that manages up to 15 slaves also of 5Kw. This storage solution requires no installation wiring and is more economical than using multiple standalone batteries connected in parallel.

There are 1300w and 2000w models in the HEPWAY power station range. Very competitively priced with top class specifications, these units will find particular favour for customers on the move.

HEPWAY Solar System Products