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All-in-One Standalone Systems

455w solar panel, battery, and inverter


All-in-One standalone solar systems are absolutely NEW! In one single unit you have a complete “Plug & Play” solar system solution that you take out of the box place in your somewhere outdoors like your garden, plus it into your existing domestic circuit and start saving on your energy bill. Connect 6 together and you have enough energy production and storage to make many homes 100% energy dependent.


This completely new product revolutionises how many customers can view solar system installation. It looks like a normal 450w rigid solar panel but it is built onto an adjustable steel frame that can be angled to optimise solar energy output. That energy is fed to a  controller and a micro-inverter that then feeds 230v electricity directly into your existing mains system. If consumption is less than production, the surplus is stored in the built-in 1Kw lithium battery for use later. Multiple panels can be connected to provide a solution capable of making many homes 100% energy independent for most or even all the year. The system maxmises the return from your installation because the surplus is stored for your own consumption later rather than selling it for a derisory price to an energy company thus also avoiding any bureaucratic hassles.

Product components are

  • A Solar panel(s) with
    • System Controller
    • Storage battery
    • Micro-inverter

Our Products

We are major European distributors for Hepway- the solar product innovators

Why Buy from Us

  • Our Installation Experience
    We have installed a standalone system for our own use so know how they work

  • NEW All-in-One Product
    This revolutionary product makes it a matter of minutes to start reducing your energy bill!

  • Suits Many Customer Needs
    Can be installed anywhere outdoors so no no panels on the roof and no complicated installation and wiring to worry about.

Our Promises to You

  • Next Day Dispatch
    We will do our utmost to dispatch your order the day following receipt of full payment

  • Delivery in 5 to 7 working days
    We use the Post Office for efficient service and parcel tracking

  • 30 days money back guarantee
    If the product is defective in any way, return it within 30 days for a full refund.

Standalone Solar Energy Systems

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