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Super solar controller turns on any device when solar power is sufficient.  Also monitors battery charge level

Nutzen Sie überschüssige Solarenergie zur Erwärmung Ihres Wassers

Super Solar Systems hat die Erfahrung, die Sie brauchen. Wir liefern Lösungen - keine Produkte!

  • Home Solar Energy Solutions: We offer a comprehensive selection of DIY solar energy kits, perfect for own consumption – off and on grid. Any competent handyman can install everything!

  • Solar for Sailing Yachts: We own a yacht and have 10 years of solar system installation experience, including our proprietary smart switch for KOSTENLOS 12v hot water from surplus solar energy.

  • Narrowboat Solar Power Systems: Boaters need solar power kit that is very similar to that on sailing yachts. Tell us what you can afford and how much roof space you have available and we will do the rest. Everything can be installed by a competent handyman.

  • Widebeam Solar Installation: Solar energy on widebeams is cost effective and can easily make you 100% independent. No need to run the engine or to connect to mains power. Tell me more

  • River Cruiser Solar Installation:  Solar panels for river cruisers allow for installation of a complete solar system keeping you in power without running the engine or connecting to shore power.

  • Houseboats Solar Power: Houseboats, Dutch barges, and converted commercial barges have almost limitless solar installation space; weight is not of importance; energy consumption can be that of a normal house on land. We offer everything needed for solar power on houseboats and all other floating homes.

  • Solar Panel System for Motorhomes: If your motorhome (RV) does not have an RV solar power kit, we can supply everything that you need to make yourself truly energy independent. Portable power stations like this Bluetti AC200Max can be an effective way of managing power on the move with our portable RV solar panel kits that provide 12 and 230v energy with zero installation cost.

  • Stand alone power systems for campervans:




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