Solar 48v Batteries up to 3Kw

EcoWorthy and Basen Green are our two trusted supplier of compact conventional format LifePo4 batteries. Both are renowned globally for their unwavering commitment to quality and reliability. With warehouses strategically located across Europe, our customers benefit from swift delivery and seamless handling of guarantee claims. Recognizing the significant decline in lithium battery prices, we have phased out lead/acid batteries as they no longer meet our customers’ needs. Lithium batteries offer superior performance, boasting increased tolerance to deep discharge, two to three times longer lifespan, and a compact, lightweight design.

Many customers will need to be able to charge their batteries from power sources other than their solar panels array. We therefore also offer a range of battery chargers and other solar power accessories from Sterling Power – the world leader in such products.

LifePo4 48v/50Ah battery

Why Buy your Solar Batteries from Us?

  • Product Excellence
    Our suppliers offer maximum quality at minimum cost

  • Installation Experience
    We use 4 EcoWorthy 51.2v 50Ah batteries in our houseboat and a Basen Green array as well. We know what we are selling!

  • Dedicated Help Line
    We operate a WhatsApp line dedicated to helping our customers.

Our Promises to You.

  • Next Day Dispatch
    We do our utmost to dispatch your order the day following receipt of full payment

  • 5 to 7 Working Days Delivery
    We use the Post Office for a fast convenient service with parcel tracking

  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
    If any product is defective within 30 days of delivery, return it for a full no quibbles refund


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