Electricity Generators & Battery Chargers

Generators & Battery Chargers

During winter, many, if not most, customers may experience an energy production shortfall. While a 5kW solar array can yield 50kW on a sunny summer day, this output can drop to as low as 2.5kW during winter, even under optimal sunny conditions. While the issue is less severe for installations with angled panels, it poses a significant challenge for those with flat roofs.

For boats equipped with propulsion engines, owners can start them to generate electricity and heat water, provided it doesn’t disturb neighbors. However, installations without engines will usually require a generator.

It’s crucial that your generator produces pure sine wave electricity. At our company, all our products generate pure sine wave electricity, ensuring compatibility with our hybrid inverters and power stations. Recognizing its superiority in battery charging, we also offer a select range of French-made 48V battery chargers.

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